Tuesday’s Tips: Try Acting Like a Kindergartner

One of the member perks of being in AGSES is the Tuesday Tips! Today’s tip was about acting like a kindergartner. Kindergartners are forced to go to school, eat snack at a particular time and follow rules at school but Kindergartner always have fun. Try infusing some fun into your day and see what you can accomplish!


Our Vision and Goals

Yesterday morning, three Board members took on the responsibility of looking towards the future and evaluating the vision and goals of AGSES. In our conversation, we started talking about what AGSES has meant to us and realized that the national network of supporters, mentors and ultimately friends is one of the true values of being a member. After we collaboratively created our recommendations that will go to the Board today, we began discussing one of the “hot” topics facing councils today – service delivery redesign and restructures. We shared resources, ideas and results showcasing the exact thing we had been focusing on – AGSES is a national network that produces real-time results for individuals and our movement.

Stay tuned for an update on how these visions and goals have transformed.

What value has AGSES provided you?

“Great leaders …

“Great leaders create team environments where all voices are heard.
The most effective teams create a culture where individuals feel their ideas are heard. Expect
every team member to contribute ideas and expertise to decisions.”

Melissa Thomas-Hunt on leanin.org

Tuesday’s Tips, Tools and Trainings

Tuesday's Tips, Tools and Trainings

This week comes from an insightful article posted on LinkedIn. Be sure to join our group “Association of Girl Scout Executive Staff.”

“I read the seven 5-year olds a story about a girl named Tula who witnessed other girls teasing someone in the schoolyard. The girl was afraid to stand up and say something, but then finally did, when she realized it was the right thing to do, and had the courage to stand up to the bullies. Tula, in the end, was able to get all of the girls to be friends, and was rewarded for her courage.

“So courage is when you do the right thing, when you’re strong like Tula in the story?” asked one of the girls. Scratching my head, I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. And then my daughter did for me:

“Daddy,” my daughter Kate said, “I think that to have courage, you have to be afraid first. And then be strong, like Tula.”

I thought that insight from a five year old was pretty amazing.” – Dave Kerpen

Official AGSES Update from the Board of Directors

 Dear AGSES members, 

This is the first of several communications you will receive in the next few weeks informing you of some board changes and inviting you to participate in our Action Plan covering the next six months. The change in the board is the purpose of this email. Sadly, we recently accepted the resignation of Raslean Allen as AGSES President.  Raslean needs to focus her attention on her family and council at this time. Wendy Weeden ascended to the presidency by virtue of the Bylaws and Kate Genaitis was elected to the position of First Vice President, also according to the Bylaws which allows the Board of Directors to fill officer vacancies (other than the Presidency). A member at large position on the board will be left vacant for the time being. 
The Board held a virtual retreat on March 27 and an action plan focusing on membership, professional development and a new Web host was adopted. Wendy will be emailing the members soon to give you more information on this and the role you can play in re-inventing and revitalizing AGSES.  In the meantime, go to the AGSES website to become familiar with the names and faces of board members: http://www.agses.org/displayboard.cfm .  We look forward to talking with you soon!
Your Board of Directors

Tuesday Tips, Tools and Training

One of perks of being an AGSES member is the Tuesday Tips, Tools and Training delivered right to your inbox on key topics that matter to us personally and professionally. We are now launching a series around Lean In – Sheryl Sanberg’s new book and website. I hope this quote from Condoleezza Rice resonates with you.

“Learning to speak up is a valuable lesson. As women, we must never be surprised that surface equality isn’t actual equality. Society still very much plays into gender bias and role definition. When a woman walks into a room, people see a female. For some, this indicates what she is capable of achieving. This, however, should not deter you. If you spend all of your time thinking about how you are viewed, you will lose your ability to be effective. Walk in, embrace your job and do what you’re supposed to do. If you are young and disadvantaged, find a mentor who can help you through the experience. If you are senior in your career and you allow someone to treat you poorly, it’s your fault. You have plenty of weapons in your arsenal: use them. At some point you have to lean in.”

What is going on with AGSES?

The newly elected Board of Directors is currently embarking on adventure to ensure that we all create the Association of Girl Scout Executive Staff for today’s needs. We just held a virtual Board retreat where we discussed the direction of AGSES, our focus for the next six months and who we are as an organization. As a result, you will be able to follow our progress, comment on the upcoming happenings and be an active member of the transition.

Our first mission? Create a meaningful way to engage with others. Please find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.